F&I Impact Training

This comprehensive training for finance managers is presented as a practical, hands-on approach training course with a clear progression from sales hand-off to closing.

Detailed and specific training following the step-by-step outline shown below alternates between down-to-earth classroom lecture and interactive role play.

The course covers the sales handoff, F&I menu selling techniques in step by step detail, objection handling techniques, handling lender cap calls/qualified deals, compliance, laws, and regulations.

Course Content:
Day One (Monday)
  • Welcome
  • Course Objectives
  • Foundations
  • Terms & Definitions
  • Industry Trends
  • Base Line Role Play
  • Homework
Day Two (Tuesday)
  • F&I Process
  • Step 1: The Client Introduction
  • Optional Process
  • Role Play
  • Step 2: The Client Interview
  • Role Play
  • Step 3: Needs Awareness
  • The 5 Pervasive Client Exposures
  • Needs Awareness Graph
  • Role Play
  • Homework
Day Three (Wednesday)
  • Step 4: Benefits Presentation
  • Optional Process
  • Role Play
  • Step 5: Client Concerns
  • The 4 Common Concerns
  • The Decision Tree
  • Concern #1 Before the Offer
  • Concern #2 After the Offer
  • Role Play
  • Homework
Day Four (Thursday)
  • Step 5: Client Concerns (continued)
  • Concern #3 Specific Concern
  • Concern #4 Budget
  • Optional Process
  • Role Play
  • Step 6: Financial Disclosure
  • Role Play
  • Homework
Day Five (Friday)
  • Final Role Play (Video Recorded)
  • Compliance
  • Final Exam
  • Graduation

Carl Grane has more than 28 years of experience in the automotive industry, including training, financial services, income development and dealership management. As the Director of Training for EasyCare, he oversees all training efforts for our partners and dealers.

Carl brings a blended learning approach to the training curriculum by combining our learning management system, live online web training and in-person classroom-style training. His training programs for finance and insurance, sales and fixed operations help dealers create passionate employees and customers for their automotive dealerships.

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