What does an EasyCare Vehicle Service Contract Cover?

Several plans are available, from EasyCare TotalCare plans that cover virtually the entire vehicle and offer full convenience benefits like towing and loaner vehicles, to powertrain-only coverage that covers the major engine components. For most drivers, EasyCare TotalCare represents the best value, and offers the most peace of mind. Contact us if you have specific coverage questions, or for help deciding which plan is appropriate for your customers.

What other benefits can an EasyCare contract provide?

EasyCare vehicle service contracts* provide these valuable additional benefits. Please note that not all additional benefits apply to every EasyCare contract.

  • Rental car coverage for a covered repair
  • Zero deductible road hazard coverage on tires and wheels for TotalCare and StatedCare contract holders
  • Towing coverage for a covered repair
  • Trip interruption — food and lodging — for up to 3 days if a vehicle needs a covered repair more than 50 miles from home
  • Renewability — you can now purchase a new contract prior to the expiration of your current contract
  • Transferability — owners can sell the car to another private party and transfer the contract to the buyer
Why do car buyers choose EasyCare with their new vehicle?

EasyCare coverage is actually most economical to purchase early in the life of your vehicle, even for the same term of coverage. It may sound counter intuitive, but it’s actually less expensive to buy coverage up to 100,000 miles when a car is new or nearly-new than it is to add 40k additional miles to a car that already has 60k miles on the odometer. And customers don’t double pay for double coverage: if EasyCare is in place during manufacturer’s warranty, EasyCare takes that coverage into account when rates are set, plus supplements the manufacturer’s initial warranty (coverage varies) with benefits like Tire & Wheel coverage, trip interruption benefits, and more.