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When your customers sign off on that brand new car purchase, it’s quite possibly one of the largest ones they’ll make in their life – which is why it’s so essential to protect their investment from out-of-left-field costs. With our four varying levels of coverage, you can cater to each customer’s specific needs, helping them protect their investment from unexpected repair costs and increasing their trade-in value when that time comes. And did we mention that we have the fastest claims payment response in the industry?

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GAP insurance is very beneficial for many customers, especially those who are leasing a car or buying one with a small down-payment. As soon as your customers drive off your dealership lot, their vehicle value sets out on a track of rapid decline. In the case of an accident or theft occurring down the road, EasyCare will cover the gap between what your customers owe on their vehicle and the current market value that the insurers end up covering.

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With so many choices around us, settling on a particular item or service may become quite overwhelming. So let’s make things easy for your customers. EasyCare Select is our most popular benefits package, and includes preselected coverage items such as windshield repair, paint scratch repair and key replacement – adding to your customer’s resale value and peace of mind. All at one price. All in one package.

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Your customers want their cars to look new and fresh for as long as possible. EasyCare Appearance Protection is designed to offer coverage that far exceeds the limited coverage offered by the vehicle manufacturer.

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Tires are the point of contact between your customers and the road ahead – so they should never be compromised. With soaring prices and increase in tire variety to satisfy the different types of vehicles and driving conditions, dealing with a flat tire can be a major setback on your customer’s schedule and wallet. EasyCare’s Tire & Wheel contracts include gripping coverage services like tire and wheel repair/replacement and trip interruption. With EasyCare, you can ensure that your customers roll with the punches as they set out on the road ahead.

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Dents and dings play a huge factor in determining car trade-in value. Not to mention, the anticipation of that first one is usually a customer’s primary concern after they purchase their vehicle. Imagine being able to tell your customers that you will keep their vehicle looking showroom-new for the first year – for free. EasyCare’s Paintless Dent Repair provides a low-cost, one-year program for dent repair at your dealership up to two times during the first year of ownership.

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These days, advances in key technology have enabled drivers to embark on their journey with the push of a button, or to turn their car on as they approach it; even the most basic cars require keys to be programmed. So it’s no surprise that they come at a high cost if lost or broken. EasyCare’s KeyCare protection provides services like key replacement, 24/7 lock-out assistance, recovery and identity protection, and covered transportation – a very low cost benefit that you can offer for free to your customers to differentiate your dealership.

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Your customer’s car is only as good as the service center they take it to. And which service center is more reliable than the customer’s dealership that specializes in their specific make and model? Provide your customers a convenient route to vehicle maintenance with an EasyCare pre-paid scheduled maintenance plan.

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Certain parts of your vehicle wear out with the time that you spend driving to your destination. With no deductible, EasyCare’s comprehensive SelectCare benefit covers the expense of everyday wear that isn’t typically covered by the manufacturer’s warranty so that your vehicle continues to perform at its best – and so that you can focus on the moments that matter most.

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With every turn that your customers make, they’re faced with an abundance of choices; without the right business strategy, they can be here today and gone tomorrow. Our team of experts works on your behalf, capitalizing on multiple touchpoints and utilizing business intelligence on a national scale, to successfully recapture lost customers, acquire prospects and create long-term engagement.

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Imagine all of your customers fully connected to their car and your dealership through the device they’re most passionate about – their phone. With your Custom Dealer App, your customers get quick access to everything that your dealership offers and a convenient route to maintaining the health of their vehicle. Own the port with the most sophisticated, consumer-centric and integrated app on the market. The future of the connected car is in your hands now.

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This piece is intended for marketing purposes only and is a summary of the benefits offered. Not all plans are available in all areas and coverage may vary by state. Ask your dealer representative for the actual contract for complete terms, conditions, exclusions and state-specific language. Purchase of this coverage is optional and is not required to qualify for financing. For Select, Some damage may not be capable of being repaired using the method(s) set forth herein. Such determination shall be made within the sole discretion of the repair technician.

1The Issuing Provider in Florida is Automobile Protection Corporation – APCO under license number 60080. The Issuing Provider in Texas is Warranty Support Services LLC. The Issuing Provider is subject to change.

2The Issuing Provider in Florida is Automobile Protection Corporation – APCO under license number 60080. The Issuing Provider in Texas is Automobile Protection Corporation – APCO. The Issuing Provider is subject to change.